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Jessica had this to say after her visit to the Motus Therapy Clinic: "Pinched my sciatic nerve about a month & a half ago & foolishly thought it would just work itself out. Due to the amount of time between the initial 'injury' and my first treatment (with a chiropractor about 3 weeks into the pain) I caused problems in other areas as I spent weeks walking, sitting & laying in all sorts of weird positions to try to alleviate the sciatic pain on my own. The chiropractor was able to make some improvement but my back & hip had become so tight & stiff it was difficult for him to make a good adjustment. At a coworker's recommendation I made an appointment with Lane at Motus Massage. Just by looking at me standing in a normal position he was able to point out the exact spots that were bothering me (some that even I was unaware of) and explained the reasons for the pain & tightness I was experiencing. Throughout the session he explained what he was doing & how each area connected & related to my symptoms. I had some kinesio tape applied to my hip which was my first experience with that & it really has made a difference. Since I took a lot of time getting myself into this predicament Lane explained it will take some time to work my way out of it completely but after one session the 'heaviness' I felt in my leg has greatly decreased & I feel much more freedom of movement in my hip. I finally slept through the night without tossing & turning in discomfort for the first time in over a month. I highly recommend Lane for anyone suffering any kind of muscle aches, pain or injuries... very knowledgeable, thorough, professional & really takes the time to explain the what, how, and why of what he does. Thanks Lane!!"


Nadine sent in a card following her session, "Thank you SO much for the awesome massage!  My neck , shoulders, and back feel 1000% looser and healthier.  I also want to thank you for your caring and concern.  You made both body and soul feel better today, especially after the unexpected and sudden loss of my mother.  Thank you again for all you do and I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate it."


Valarie suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pain and also experiences postural challenges.  This is what she had to say, "I couldn't thank Lane enough for the help today. I will be honest, I was a little skeptical at first about 'tape' releasing pain and stress in my muscles. But oh boy how my opinion has changed...I will for sure be back for more. Thank you so much!"


Carter (aerial silk performer)  said, "Tonight I had my first legit experience with Kinesio Tape and it definitely made a difference - big fan! Thanks to Lane for all of the help!"


Alicia had this to say about her experience with Motus Massage Therapy, "Lane has been great with reviewing all of my pain issues - the kinesio taping on my forearms did wonders for me in my aerial silks class. I had no cramps at all and was barely feeling fatigued after an hour and 15 minutes!"


Mary was not given good news concerning her pain and ROM restriction, but said this after receiving treatment at the Motus Clinic: "I've had two sessions with Lane, and he's already restored ROM in my left arm and shoulder. I was told by doctors, & chiropractors, there is nothing that can be done to treat my elbow or shoulder as it is a natural part of my body structure. I was unable to straighten my left elbow, and after two sessions, I straightened it. He's extremely generous with his knowledge, and is goal-oriented. If you want movement restored, pain greatly decreased, and an actual solution to your health issue, schedule an appointment with Lane."


After beginning her treatment, Kelly stated, "I have struggled with multiple issues due to scoliosis and after a couple sessions with Lane I can tell a huge difference! I am able to move easier and breathe better. I have seen many different massage therapists but they do not even compare to the quality of care I receive at Motus! Thank you so much Lane for making me feel better!!"


Alicia's response to sports massage, injury assessment & treatment, and Kinesio Taping: "Lane has honestly been wonderful! I came to him with some lower leg and back issues, which are usual for a field hockey player. Even though I've been sore a few times from sessions, the Kinesio tape and the therapy really do help!"


Jessie had these kind words to share: "I am so thankful I found Lane and Motus Massage. With massage and taping he has helped me recover from problems I have had for years (scar tissue and gait issues) and has helped me with sports injuries as they have arisen (tightness and joint pain). Lane has been able to use tape to get me pain free and back into the gym. I highly recommend him!"


I absolutely love getting emails like this: "It's Terri (the girl that is training for the marathon that you gave a great massage and taped). My run went great. I didn't call you back last week b/c I had a three hour run the day after you called and I wanted to see how it went before calling with feedback. The tape and massage worked great. My hip and ribs have felt so much better! I'm excited to see you again next week for some more work. Thanks again for everything. See you soon."


Amilyn had this to share from her experience following injury assessment and treatment: "I love Motus Massage b/c I've seen many MT's over the last 13 yrs since I broke T7 and T11 in my back. Lane did stretches that no body else has and he explained every move he made before doing so. Very professional. I will be back, time and time again AND will refer others to him! Thank you Lane...I actually move my neck sideways now."


Mark had this to say following his sports massage: "Had a great post-600km (cycling event) massage from Lane today. My legs and lower back thank you very much!"


Lou's response to injury assessment and treatment after a month of debilitating shoulder pain was, "Before my first visit I could barely raise my left arm. After three appointments what a difference.  I am currently receiving the massage therapy weekly.  It is very beneficial and it works.  What more can I say?"


MK had these kind words to share regarding her experience, "After two wonderful massages at Motus, I not only feel great but know more about how to remedy two chronic muscle problems. Thanks Lane!"


After a few sessions Colleen had this to say: "Looking forward to my appt. I always feel amazing afterwards.  So happy with everything. My elbow feels brand-new. Sleeping better, so much more energy, I'm so happy I found Motus. Lane, you're a magician!!!"


Maria said, "As a member of the military, I am very active. I have had chronic pain in my IT band and in my lower back. Lane has alleviated my pain whereby other massage therapists were not able to. I feel better with each session and would recommend him to anyone in pain!"


Danielle had this to say about her experience with injury assessment and treatment, "After suffering an IT band injury over a year ago, I have struggled to find someone who could help me recover or understand my injury. A few sessions with Lane at Motus have improved my condition tremendously. I am looking forward to continued treatment and am confident that my treatment at Motus is going to be what finally gets me running again! I would definitely recommend his services."


Pam told us, "Sure helped me get out of pain!" (chronic neck and shoulder problems).


Megan's experience with prenatal massage is, "Lane worked on me during my last pregnancy and helped my carpal tunnel and a pinched nerve immensely!  I highly recommend him to everyone, but especially for prenatal massage!"


Lucy is an ashiatsu practitioner (her English is not the best, so she wated me to share her wonderful experience here so she could refer others who need help with similar issues) who was having overuse issues (according to her doctor) in her left shoulder girdle and right ankle with restricted ROM and pain. She came to me after seeking relief previously from her physician (suggested rest, sling for the shoulder, a soft boot for the ankle, and an prescription-strength anti-inflammatory), cupping (left her with no relief and additional bruising), and acupuncture (had to noticeable relief). She was still wearing the soft ankle boot and sling after 8 weeks. After about 30 minutes of focused work (deep friction, AIS, AMR, kinesio tape, and China Gel applications) on each area; her left shoulder was pain free with nearly 100% ROM restored, and her ankle pain was decreased from a level 9 to a level 1, and her ROM was improved by well over 75%. Her cost for this session: $0. Her pain relief: priceless. Well, ok, I get to experience a 90 minute ashiatsu session for the first time next week.


Sherry told us, "THE best massage I've ever had and most educational too! Thx!!!


Melissa says, "Lane thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to make people feel whole again. Thank you so much for the massage. My body is feeling revived and I can tell I am healing. Anyone needing massage please look up Lane. His patience and diligence is exactly what people need to feel their best. Thanks Lane!!!!"


Mandi's experience with chronic shoulder pain prompted this response, "Lane, you are an AMAZING therapist! You are extremely professional, gifted, and knowledgable! Thank you so much for the work you've done on my shoulder and will continue to do until we get it fixed! Also I appreciate you working with me and my schedule! YOU are awesome. :) I look forward to seeing you soon!"


Deborah had this to say about her experience with injury assessment and treatment, "THANK YOU, LANE!  I pulled my hamstring early in the summer and have been struggling to recover. I've re-injured it multiple times. I was signed up for the "Jack and Back" MS fundraising bicycle ride, my family and friends had been very generous with donations, and I was determined to do the 125 mile (2-day) ride. And then last Wednesday, another slight re-injury. You worked me into your schedule on Thursday and between the massage and the taping, I did the ride without any complaints from the hamstring. I cannot tell you how grateful I am.  I'll also add -- I so appreciate your massage talent. I love the combination of deep relaxation AND therapeutic benefits. I don't know whether you'd describe yourself that way, but that's what I look for and have not found anyone else over the years, who does this as well as you do. Again, thanks ... and can't wait for my next appointment!"


Wanna shared these kind words, "Thanks so much Lane for the long distance house call yesterday!! Its awesome to me to have someone who loves helping people so much that even if they live hundreds of miles away in a different state, he calls them on the phone to help them through their pain..and you did help me. The stretches that you recommended were amazing and when nothing else was working, you brought the first signs of relief to me that I've had for weeks. Thanks again for caring enough to call to help a friend, and you'll never know how greatly appriciated it was!! Awesome job and I give you two thumbs WAY up!!"


Gen says, "Lane is excellent at what he does.  I have been to over 25 different massage locations around Kentuckiana & absolutely no one compares to the massage Lane gives.  I work out a lot and no one had ever targeted the muscles that Lane did.  I would definitely recommend Lane to all my friends and family."


Dorsey had this to say following her rehab session, "Lane is amazing! After months of PT for a right shoulder injury, they had me at 75% and gave up. An hour & 1/2 with Lane - he corrected it! He is very good & knows his muscle groups!! I have recommended many friends!"


Janet had this to say regarding her mother's experience with the Motus Massage Therapy Clinic: "I am writing this testimonial in behalf of my mother whose shoulders, neck, as well as her leg (after she had shingles) were aching for several months.  After only one session with Lane she felt an amazing relief.  The use of Kinesio Tape and Lane being a great therapist helped to reduce her pain from 10 to about 2."


Lori came in with a torn hamstring.  After 2 hours of work and a Kinesio tape application she ran 6 miles the next morning and had this to say, "Lane could be every runner's best friend.  I am a physical therapist and after 2 sessions was very impressed with his detailed knowledge of biomechanics of the body and how he uses massage and taping to improve imbalances.  He was very attentive to how I was feeling and found all the right places.  He is a therapeutic massage therapist in every way.  Can't wait to go back!"


Janet says, "If you are looking for something other than Advil for your pain you need to make an appointment tomorrow!  I've been in pain for more than a year and after just one session woke up pain free next morning!"


Bill's response to treatment at the Motus Massage Therapy Clinic, "After one visit, I recommended Motus to a firend, and a friend of a friend.  The massage was great, but taping my knee (with Kinsesio tape) did more to relieve chronic pain than drugs or physical therapy had achieved before."


For the second time in my massage career, I was referred to as "the muscle whisperer". 


Kara said, "God bless you Lane! Will be seeing you soon! That Kinesio tape was AMAZING. I just fired my pain management doctor. Long story~But I'm spreading the word about your practice. 


I helped another LMT out with some kinesio tape and the application for a rib injury.  Her client is a high school wrestler who went from possibly missing his tournament to placing second.  I was informed he will now be going to state.


Jason's response for a Kinesio tape application on a shoulder injury 6 months ago, "If only I would have known about this stuff I could have saved myself a lot of pain, time, and money.  I thought this stuff was just a fad for athletes, but it REALLY DOES WORK."


Pam's foot scrub, foot massage, and kinesio taping experience: "I have bunions on both feet and they hurt most of the time.  I couldn't believe how good the foot scrub felt on my feet after I had been working all day.  My feet actually felt awake!  The peppermint massage on my feet was heaven and my feet haven't felt that good in years.  Lane told me about a therapeutic tape which could reduce the pain from my bunions without surgery.  I decided to give it a try and could not believe how some tape could actually help me.  I asked Lane what kind of medicine was in the tape and he told me the magic is in the application, no medicine whatsoever in the tape.  The money I spent was well worth it.  I only wished I would have known about Motus Massage earlier so my feet could have felt this good much sooner.  Lane is a very caring professional and has helped me in ways I never thought possible!  I am already looking forward to my next appointment!"


Tammy says, "Going to Motus Massage Therapy is like a trip for physical therapy at a luxury resort.  The things that need work get worked, and Lane has very good hands with excellent kinetic skills to help you relax and get to "the Zone"."


Dr. A's (hand (transplant) surgeon) experience with deep tissue: "I've never felt such a good hurt, yet been so relaxed at the same time. I will definitely be back!"


Venissa's experience with injury assessment and treatment: Sitting on the floor with my foot under me was impossible. The pain was excruciating!!! The tendons on the top of my foot were a mess and nothing I did seemed to bring any relief. Lane not only put the tendons back in place, but the second he was finished he told me to sit on my foot. It was AMAZING! The pain was GONE! I truly could not belive the pain I could "no longer" feel! Why in the world did I not call on him sooner? He applied kinesio tape to support the work he had done. I was back to normal in less than 5 minutes! Crazy, unbelieveable, but true! Lane - you rock!


David's experience with abdominal massage: "It helped my entire digestive system return to normal after years of irregularity."


Zach's experience regarding trigger point therapy: "7 seconds of intense pressure was well worth the relief from my back pain."


Shirley's experience with Kinesio Tape: "That tape felt so good, I wish you could just tape me up like a mummy."


Dave's experience with medical massage: Lane has made a big difference in my recovery. I suffered a Stroke 3 years ago and it has left me with some pain and spasticity. I would recommend Motus Message Therapy to anyone. Lane is very professional and friendly.


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